Nursery (Ages 0-2)

Bldg D - Room 101

A warm loving environment where children are safely cared for so that parents may feel free to participate in their own class.

Teacher Lisa Williamson and Anna Holmes

Pre-School (Ages 3-4)

Bldg D, 2ns Floor

Blue Room

This class for three-and-four year old children is spent on short Bible stories with various activities and a monthly memory verse.

Teacher Alison Tate

Age 5

Bldg D, 2nd Floor

Orange Room

A structured, age-appropriate lesson/activity class combining nurture, learning and creativity.

Becky Wack & Janice Purvis

Grades 1-2

Bldg D, 2nd Floor

Gold Room

This class features Bible stories combined with various activities to enhance understanding of God's Word at this age level.

Susan Scott

Grades 3-4

Bldg D, 2nd Floor

Green Room

This class incorporates age-appropriate literature, videos, and activities designed to increase awareness of the teachings of the Bible.

Teacher: Cassie Cook

Grades 5-6

Bldg D, 2nd Floor

Turquoise Room

This class focuses on Bible stories and life applications including memory verses. This class also has periodic social outings with parental supervision.

Teacher: Bobby Williamson

Junior High (Grades 7-8)

Bldg B, 2nd Floor,

Room 108

This class consists of junior high boys and girls. We read, study Scripture, do activities and play games pertaining to our lesson.

Teacher Gail Willard

Senior High (Grades 9-12)

Bldg C, 2nd Floor,

Room 207

Focused on leading teens through the trials and temptations of today's world, growing their hearts closer to God, and encouraging them to become disciples for HIm.

Teachers: Alex and Tyler Verrell

Ground Zero (Open Adult Ages)

Bldg B,

Room 111

Ground zero is a class devoted to studying the Bible together in order to grow in our understanding of God's Word. The class was oringinally formed for those who did not have a background in Chruch or Bible knowledge and we started a journey to discover God's word in fellowship together. We are a group of 30's to 60's in age but are open and welcoming to anyone. If you want to join a group of people who don't have it all figured out but are walking together in our desire to learn form one another and from the Word of God, join us at Ground Zero.

Teacher: Ken Anderson

Seekers (Open Adult Ages)

Bldg B

Room 101

This class consists of mostly married couples ages 30s thru 50s, but anyone is welcome! The class delves into different studies, encouraging class participants to share in open discussion where different thoughts and points of view are encouraged and welcome.

Teacher: H.F. Mason

Serenity (50s-60s)

Bldg B

Room 105

We are a class of mostly couples who are united in learning more of God's Word and doing local outreach and community service as needed. We enjoy helping others and supporting our class as a small class family. We love to discuss the Bible and ways to apply it to our daily lives.

Teacher: Larry Scott

Searchers (30s-60s)

Bldg C, 2nd Floor

Room 01

This class does thematic types of studies based on Scripture - Heaven, Purpose Given Life, Forgiveness, etc. There is open discussion on questions related to the lesson. We are very active in service outside the classroom, supportingg the Agape Clinic, Jail Ministry, Christmas for Christ, Traveling Turkey, Visiting the Elderly, etc. We enjoy quarterly get-togethers, i.e. Christmas party, cookouts, attend Christians movies and programs as a group.

Teachers: Rotating

Expanding Faith (Ages 50+)

Bldg D

Room D3

We are a small, but mighty class. If you are looking for a small group setting, love to laugh and fellowship while studying God's word, Expanding Faith Sunday School class is for you!

Teacher: Steve Coleman

Volunteer (60s-80s)

Bldg B

Room 104

The Volunteer class is made up of those who desire to learn more about God's Word and how to apply it to their daily lives. This class is a working unit of the church, supporting needs that may arise in or outside of the church. Our members enjoy active participation in each class session.

Teacher: Jim Jennings

Fellowship (Ages 40s-70s)

Bldg B

Room `106

The Fellowship Sunday School Class welcomes any and all from the ages of 40 to 70. If you are seeking, we have the Solutions, his name is Jesus. If you question or believe that your opinion is not popular or acceptable, we are very accepting. Our name is "Fellowship" for that reason. We all love people and we love diversity of opinion. Attendance is averaging 12-14 with plenty of room for comfortable expansion. Nobody is a stranger. We pray you will consider our class. We hope God, the Holy Spirit, will lead you to us. Come and be a part of the "Fellowship Family."

Teacher: Arnold Whitson

Free Indeed (Women - All Ages)

Bldg B

Room 108

Free Indeed is a class that welcomes all women of all ages in all different seasons of life. This class intently seeks to love and know Jesus more and to love others through sharing His Word together, and by doing so, seeks also to live out His will by faith and reliance in Him.

Teacher: Laura Mason

B.A.S.I.C. (Ages 20s-40s)

Bldg D, 2nd Floor

Children's Music Room

Real Couples. Real Struggles. Real Friendships. Real Worship.

Teachers: Luke Robertson and Melissa Glaston

Adult 2 (70s-90s)

Bldg B

Room B109

This class seeks to study God's Word and gain more insight into His plan for senior citizens. We use the David C. Cook curriculum, "Adult Study Book Comprehensive Bible Study" and are currently studying the Book of Daniel. Our class verse is Hebrew 13:16  "And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." Our weekly offerings are shared with those in need in our community and we donate to the Methodist Children's Home and other organizations. Our class is a small group in number but not in the love shown for others. Each Sunday we have a time of sharing to remember the sick, bereaved, and others in our church and community who are facing problem areas in their lives.

Teachers: Rotating

Soul Searchers (Open Adult Ages)

Bldg C, 2nd Floor

Room 206

We are a class that's committed to following the heart of Christ. We do not limit any comers of age. We are here for everyone with the ultimate goal to further God's Kingdom. Our group is a vessel of support continually with the goal of being accountability partners to our entire group. We always love to see new faces, and welcome anyone who might be interested to grow in the Word..

Teacher: Justin Hollis

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